How do I get into a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program?

Have you finally hit rock bottom in your life because of your addiction?  While rock bottom can look different for each individual, it often feels the same way for everyone: hopeless.  Maybe it’s not you yourself, but someone you love who has fallen so low.  No matter what, the situation doesn’t have to be hopeless.  If you have found your way to this page, there’s still hope.  You or your loved one can climb back up to steady ground, but it will take hard work and a helping hand.

If you are ready to explore treatment, that is a huge step. 
If the process of getting into a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center seems overwhelming, however, don’t worry—it doesn’t have to be difficult.  To give you a better understanding of what the process entails, we can outline our process at Phoenix Recovery Center in Edgewood, Maryland for taking in new clients.

When you give us a call, one of our excellent intake coordinators will speak with you at length and answer any questions you might have.  They will also address the following:

·         Payment options.  The cost and payment options might vary, depending on your insurance.  If you elect to self-pay, the entire cost for your stay is $7,200, which is inclusive of everything, no hidden costs.  We understand that everyone comes from different financial circumstances, so we will work with you individually to determine your best options. 

drug and alcohol rehabilitation

·         Insurance benefits and copays (if any).  If you do have insurance, we will verify exactly what your benefits are and how much you might be responsible for.  Again, we work with each person one-on-one to determine your best options.

·         Phone assessment.  Our intake coordinator will conduct a phone assessment to determine your eligibility for admission.  The assessment includes basic geographical information, drug and alcohol use history, treatment history, medical history, psychiatric history, current legal problems (if any), and any other information that may help in determining your eligibility. 

Please note that all calls are strictly confidential and do not place you under any obligation.
Understand that we are experts in the field of recovery and we genuinely want to help you.  When you speak to the intake coordinator, be as honest and forthcoming as possible so that we can assess your unique situation and determine the best path forward.

drug and alcohol rehabilitation

Are you or someone you love in crisis?

If you are in need of drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Maryland, call Phoenix Recovery Center today.
It is our mission to provide professional, caring treatment for both men and women suffering from drug and alcohol addiction in Maryland and the mid-Atlantic region.  We maintain a safe and clean facility, and have excellent, certified staff.  As a recovery center, we want to equip each and every one of our clients with the knowledge and support systems they need in order to get clean, stay sober, and live a joyful life, free from addiction.  We work with families to help stop the cycles of addiction and the enabling patterns which prevent their loved ones from finding sobriety.  We also establish aftercare for our patients upon completing treatment to help them continue down their path of sobriety.