Will United Healthcare cover my stay in rehab in Maryland?

When you or a loved one makes the decision to get help for drug addiction, the decisions about drug rehab might be overwhelming.  First, it can take time to find the recovery center that best fits your needs and then it can be tricky to navigate what your health insurance policy might cover.  For many people, the cost of rehab is a factor on whether they pursue professional help.  If you are worried about how much it might cost to get help for your drug addiction or alcoholism, here are some important factors for you to consider:

Many health insurance plans cover drug rehabilitation.
If you have health insurance, then at least a portion of your addiction treatment will most likely be covered.  It’s a good idea to contact your health insurance company to understand the details of your coverage and to ensure that you will be covered at the rehab facility of your choice.  At Phoenix Recovery Center in Maryland, we accept an abundance of health insurance providers, including United Healthcare, BlueCross BlueShield, CIGNA, Value Options, and Comp Psych.  Even if we’re not in the network with a particular insurance company, the company might have out-of-network benefits for our level of care.

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Some drug rehab centers in Maryland have affordable self-pay options.
At Phoenix Recovery Center, we believe that addiction treatment does not have to be expensive in order to be effective.  It is an important part of our mission to provide the best help at an affordable rate.  The self-pay cost at our facility is $7,200 and that is inclusive of everything—no hidden costs.  These costs cover comfortable accommodations on our lovely Maryland campus, as well as a safe detox, counseling sessions, addiction education, relapse prevention, an individualized Continuing Care Plan, and help for family members through our Family Education Program. 

Friends and family will be rooting for you to get help.
Don’t forget that you are not alone.  Your friends and family members are likely standing by, anxiously hoping that you’ll get professional help for your addiction.  If you are unable to handle the costs associated with rehab, then talk to your friends and family.  Many addicts underestimate how much their loved ones want them to get healthy.  Some addicts fear that they have abused their relationships with their loved ones beyond repair or they have burned bridges out of neglect.  It’s never too late to mend the relationships that are important to you and the best way to start is by committing to recovery.

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If you are ready to get help for your addiction, give us a call today.
When you give us a call, one of our excellent intake coordinators will guide you through the process of admittance.  They will discuss payment options with you, as well as insurance benefits and copays.  They will conduct a phone assessment to determine eligibility and they will answer any questions you might have. 

As a facility dedicated to addiction recovery, we want to equip each and every one of our clients with the knowledge and support systems they need in order to get clean, stay sober, and live a joyful life, free from addiction.