Is Blue Cross Blue Shield accepted at Phoenix Recovery Center?

Let’s be real, struggling from addiction or even watching someone you love struggle with it is a difficult thing. It’s a physically and mentally draining situation that comes with a great amount of stress. And when it comes down to it, you’re also likely concerned about the cost of treatment if you decide to pursue it. While you may be worried about whether you can you afford rehabilitation or not, luckily for you, insurance companies can help lessen the financial cost. And even if you don’t have insurance, you can still choose other self-payment alternatives.

Phoenix Recovery Accepts a wide array of insurance.

Outside of United Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Value Options, CIGNA, and Comp Psych, we also accept various other insurance types. Regardless of whether the Phoenix Recovery Center is in the same network as an insurance company, they still may offer benefits to you.

Phoenix Recovery Center is still cost-effective even with self-payments.

If you were to pay out of pocket, it would be $7,200; which would include all the necessary amenities without hidden fees. Treatment doesn’t need to be costly to provide you with the most efficient recovery. We also accept certified/personal checks on top of MasterCard, Discover, and VISA.

These expenses provide you:

Phoenix Recovery Center offers a safe, clean, and cozy bedroom. Which includes large full bathrooms, carpeting, and a walk-in closet. Our dining area provides three nutritious meals daily in an inviting environment. Our community room comes with a fireplace, comfortable chairs, and windows; offering a space for group counseling and positive conversation. As for the outdoors, there’s plenty of space to walk around, meditate, and enjoy nature.

We also offer group therapy sessions, detox, relapse prevention lessons, and educational lectures for those of you in the recovery process. As for other therapeutic approaches, we had guided meditation, aromatherapy, Wii therapy, and walking groups. By the end of the program, we continue to offer assistance plans to help those in recovery get back on track in their everyday lives.

It’s important for family members to heal as well. So we provide both the addicted and their family a Family Education Program in order to provide the information and the necessary tools for families to support their loved one during and after the recovery process.

Call Phoenix Recovery Center if you require treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.

We prioritize professional rehabilitation for anyone suffering from alcohol and drug addiction in Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic region. Our facility is safe, clean, and supported by an excellent team ready to help. We give you the knowledge, tools, and support system necessary to help end addiction. It’s important to us to help you pursue sobriety, stay clean, live your life happily and addiction free. We work with both individuals and families in order to end the cycle of addiction and establish an aftercare process for patients once they leave our care.