Is United Healthcare accepted at Phoenix Recovery Center?

Addiction is physically and mentally draining for you and everyone around you. It’s a serious struggle that comes with a lot of excess stress and baggage along with it. And along with that stress, you may be worried about the cost of a recovery program and whether or not you can afford it. However, despite the worry, insurance companies are capable of reducing the financial burden; and even if you don’t have insurance, there are other self-payment options available.

Health Insurance plans covered by Phoenix Recovery Center.

We accept Value Options, CIGNA, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, and many more. And even if your insurance company isn’t networked with Phoenix Recovery Center, you can still potentially receive benefits.

Phoenix Recovery Center is affordable for those without insurance.

Addiction recovery doesn’t need to be expensive to work effectively. And the self-pay option at our recovery center is $7,200. It includes everything from accommodations, food, detox, counseling, relapse prevention, addiction education, and a continuing care plan without any hidden expenses.

Remember you have people who love you and are there during the recovery process.

Addiction is difficult, but remember you’re not alone. You have people all around you waiting for your recovery. They’re ready to support you when you need it. So if you’re unable to handle all of the costs, don’t be afraid to contact someone close to you; you’d be surprised by how willing your family and friends may be to pitch in to get the help you need. And even if you feel as though your addiction has pushed people away, it’s never too late to mend those relationships.

Call Phoenix Recovery Center if you require treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.

We prioritize professional rehabilitation for anyone suffering from alcohol and drug addiction in Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic region. Our facility is safe, clean, and supported by an excellent team ready to help. We give you the knowledge, tools, and support system necessary to help end addiction. It’s important to us to help you pursue sobriety, stay clean, live your life happily and addiction free. We work with both individuals and families in order to end the cycle of addiction and establish an aftercare process for patients once they leave our care.