Addiction: The Secret Disease That Is All Around Us!

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Where are all the people with addiction problems? We all know where they are, right? On-street corners, in homeless shelters or jail, and in the gutter. Well, not quite. Addiction has been described as the most under-recognized disease in this country.

Addiction to alcohol and/or drugs are the root cause of a vast number of health issues including heart and respiratory disease, gastro-intestinal illness, high blood pressure, stroke and depression to name but a few. In addition, automobile accidents, acts of violence, spousal and child abuse and many other legal and relationship issues can be traced to alcohol and/or drug abuse.

“The Secret Disease” got to be this bad because many of us, including physicians and other healthcare professionals, don’t understand or choose to ignore the disease. Addiction is not a matter of choice or character weakness. Scientists now know addiction to be a disease of the brain’s reward system, involving biochemical mechanisms. The disease cannot be arrested with a pill.

There is hope if you contact an addictions professional who will identify the disease, its progression and treat it properly. The addictions professionals at Phoenix Recovery Center are available to help

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